The Breakpoint

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for taking the time to discuss your e-business needs today.
Breakpoint | Solutions | is an Industry-leading Visual Communication services company.
It has been creating new and effective solutions to help its clients build their business using creativity, intelligence and up-to-the minute technology.
For our clients we can offer effective, fast and affordable technical solutions to keep them always ahead.
To achieve this we use our outstanding expertise and cutting edge software and services.

Our design  solutions include: Static graphics, illustration design, photo manipulation, graphic design layouts, Flash Animation, Multimedia presentation, product demos etc.
Breakpoint | Design studio | can be hired for hi-end or low-end Photography, Video production etc. for both web and print.
Also we can design a logo, stationery, business cards and signs that will get our clients business noticed. In addition, we can produce brochures, direct mail pieces and other publications for marketing campaign.

Breakpoint | Design studio | has already created similar e-business websites with the same capabilities that you need. We have drawn up a plan for the structure of your new website, so I hope we can get started as soon as it possible.